XG220 energy wood head (knife & saw)

Versatile and efficient energy wood felling head with both saw and cutting unit

This head is a giant leap forward in felling of energy-wood. With this unique grapple you cut small bushes, twigs and thinner trees with a snap and fell bigger trees using the saw. The grapple also works perfectly as a traditional loading grapple. The XG220 is a combination of two of the most successful and tried out Mecanil products; Mecanil EG250 energy-wood fellinghead and SG220 saw-grapple.
The Mecanil XG220 grapple is, as all other Mecanil grapples specifically built rigid but lightweight and requires little oil torrent. With this in mind the grapple is very easy to install because of no need for any additional hydraulics.


  • Fast and easy to use – increases productivity
  • Stable both in felling and loading position
  • Full control over all functions – for example, make the cutting movement many times without opening the grapple.
  • Works perfectly as a traditional loading grapple
  • Easy to install
  • No additional hydraulic lines are needed – only pressure and tank
  • Completely stepless control – for example, stop the tilt half way if necessary
  • Can easily cut trees without harming trees nearby
  • Can cut a bigger bundle of smaller trees and bushes with one cut
  • Option: Self-powered wireless control (no change of battery required)

    Self-powered wireless remote control

    The patented remote control does not require any change of battery, because it is self-powered. The battery is charged when the felling head is in use.
    The installation of the felling head is also easier and more efficient, when no electrical wires has to be installed on the crane.

    Can be installed on

  • Tractors
  • Forwarders
  • Harvesters
  • Excavators
  • etc.

    2 standard connection alternatives for grapple control:

  • 2 hydraulic lines (pressure – tank) and electrical wire
  • 2 hydraulic lines (pressure – tank) and self-powered wireless control

    3 claw alternatives:

  • Energygrapple claws (claws with 4 spikes)
  • Claws like a traditional loading grapple
  • A-model claws (claws with diagonal plates) (+300€)


  • Mecanil XG220 A – With accumulation, cable control
  • Mecanil XG220 A RC – With accumulation, self-powered wireless control
  • Mecanil XG220 – Ask for more information about XG220 without accumulation.

    Technical information

    Model XG220 XG220 A
    Accumulation No Yes
    Weight (from) 340 kg 390 kg
    Working pressure 180 – 220 bar 180 – 220 bar
    Rec. oil flow rate 60 – 100 l/min. 60 – 100 l/min.
    Height in felling position 890 mm 1000 mm
    Height grapple closed 890 mm 1000 mm
    Opening of grapple about 1200 mm about 1200 mm
    Electrical system 12 V or 24 V 12 V or 24 V
    Attachment rotator 173/6 173/6
    Cutting diameter, knife max 200 mm max 200 mm
    Cutting diameter, saw (18″) –> 450 mm –> 450 mm
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