T220 tilt grapple

Unique loading grapple with tilt function

The T220 tilt grapple is a normal loading grapple with built-in tilt function, but still works with the same hydraulics as a traditional loading grapple. You only need 2 hydraulic lines (grapple open/close).

The tilt function is controlled wirelessly. Two extra control buttons/pedals (tilt up/tilt down) are included in the delivery. These control buttons can be installed in a suitable place. 2 batteries and a battery charger are also included in the delivery.


  • Fast and easy to use – increases productivity
  • Stable both in felling and loading position
  • Works perfectly as a traditional loading grapple
  • Easy to install
  • No additional hydraulic lines are needed – only grapple open and grapple close
  • Completely stepless control – for example, stop the tilt half way if necessary
  • Wireless control for the tilt function (incl. 2 batteries and a battery charger)

    2 claw alternatives:

  • Energygrapple claws (claws with 4 spikes)
  • Claws like a traditional loading grapple

    Technical information

    Model T220
    Grapple size 0,22 m2
    Weight 155 kg
    Working pressure 200 – 230 bar
    Rec. oil flow rate 30 – 50 l/min.
    Opening of grapple about 1200 mm
    Attachment rotator 173/6
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